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Which sexual orientation would say you is probably statistically the least happy? I'd say probably asexuals. I mean I'm not the best at putting myself in others' shoes but seems like a lot of things would most likely turn out suckey for them.


i’m not asexual nor am i friends with many so i’m not sure, so i definitely don’t feel i should have an opinion on if they’re happy or less happy. but i definitely think they can search right, can find people who understand them and work out their relationships and lives to be equally as happy as any other orientation.

but in general, i think they all are equally happy? if you work your life and relationships out, there’s no reason one should be harder than the other.

Oh yes.

Today, for those of you who don’t know; is/was/still is, my birthmas. Oh yes. Almost perfect day. Went out, had an awesome dinner, got drunk, got me a milkshake from Coldstone, got drunk some more, and got lots of birthmas love from my loved ones and such. Only thing missing, was someone to share it with. Oh well, there’s always next year. Good times.